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10w COB surface mounted LED downlight ceiling light

  1. Easy to install
  2. Premium material used for longer life and reliability
  3. Energy-efficient and environment-friendly
  4. Well-distributed diffused light, reduce eye strain
  5. Over-voltage protection

    Product details

    Surface Mounted LED Downlight Ceiling Light: a pinnacle of efficiency and style. This cutting-edge ceiling light seamlessly blends innovation with aesthetics, offering a remarkable 10 watts of power packed into its compact COB (Chip on Board) design.

    Designed for modern living spaces, this surface-mounted downlight radiates a balanced and soothing illumination, casting a wide yet focused beam that bathes your room in a gentle glow. The COB technology ensures optimal light distribution, eliminating harsh shadows and creating a welcoming ambiance.

    With its sleek profile, this downlight effortlessly integrates into your ceiling, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any environment. Its low-profile appearance belies the powerful 10W output, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between energy efficiency and luminous impact.

    Whether you’re illuminating a living area, kitchen, or workspace, the 10W COB Surface Mounted LED Downlight Ceiling Light stands as a testament to modern lighting excellence, providing both visual comfort and an aesthetic upgrade to your living spaces.

    Harold Electricals introduces a very beautifully crafted Downlight COB light that allows you to experience the beauty of a well-lit room. Surface Mounted Downlight COB Light design is a perfect blend of functionality and amazing aesthetics. Every piece has been crafted with passion and follows international standards on quality and style.

    To enjoy a refreshing and bright environment pick this stylishly designed COB LED Light, which will brighten up your home decor in the most artistic way. With the breathtakingly beautiful appeal, this ceiling Downlights COB will complement your modern interiors.

    Aim The Light Where You Need It - Ideal For Bedrooms, Lounge, Kitchen, Games Room, Bars, Restaurants, Pubs and Diners, Offices.
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